l had a pleasure of teaching the following courses:


Classical theories of sociology, autumn and spring semester 2014/2015, discussion section of the required freshman course at University of Warsaw, Institute of Sociology.

Methods employed at the course included:

  • social media communication and assignments;
  • continuous grading;
  • peer review (through Dropbox);
  • references to popular culture;
  • writing guide prepared by section group (over 100 pages devoted to structure, editing, researching, reviewing);
  • term paper (36.000 characters), updated version due before the finals.

Positive feedback drom the students, overally judging the course demanding but interesting, well-organized and (sometimes) fun.


Sociology of knowledge (as an assistant to dr Marta Bucholc), spring semester 2013/2014, an elective undergraduate colloquium at University of Warsaw, Kolegium Artes Liberales.

These courses were taught in Polish.

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