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There is a story behind every CV, and here is a piece of mine.

You may not know that the city I spend my childhood was an industrial suburb of Warsaw hosting one of two competing mafias. But as I was more interested  in computers & books than becoming a ‘community leader’ of a sort, I ended up a student of MISH college at the University of Warsaw – which allowed me to choose courses, work with a tutor and take more classes than my peers with a greater flexibility. MISH was then a place that gathered a group of very interesting people which I am sure would start popping out here and there in no time as they were mostly ambitious people of various interests.

After no less than 6 years of studying social sciences, philosophy, classical philology and even completing one year of law, I’ve managed to convince myself that there is a time in every boy’s life to grow up. I currently hold a BA and MA in sociology as well as a BA in artes liberales from University of Warsaw.

At some point in life it struct me that if it wasn’t for the kind of higher education that I received, I would be a completely different person right now. I then started thinking seriously about the stuff, especially during numerous train rides that I enjoyed while living in Cracow, and studying in Warsaw. I soon was blessed with a government grant for studying liberal education initiatives in Poland through comparative lens, and considered myself an apprentice in sociology of education ever since.

I learned a lot last year, when I worked at a media house, and then at governmental institute responsible for national qualifications framework in Poland. But it was my first research trips that took me to the U.S., the Netherland and Russia during Q1 2015 that convinced me that I really most like what I do now. And by that I mean reading, thinking, learning and discussing higher education with various individuals, as well as occasionally writing a piece or two on the topic. I was initially nonplussed to find out I really enjoy teaching young fellows, even though it reminds me I am not getting any younger.

Right now, I am spending my summer (productively!) in Boston, MA as a visiting scholar at Center for International Higher Education of Boston College. I am currently catching up with the stuff that I was supposed to do long time ago, as well as preparing the final report from my first research project.

I hope that you may find something interesting to you on the website. And please, contact me if you have suggestions of any nature!

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