An overview of current liberal arts activities in Europe published on ELAI

A summary of notable developments in European liberal education in 2017, as well as some useful links to scheduled events in 2018, has just been published on ELAI website. This post gathers evidence of heightened interest in the topic, as seen in both meetings and publications, in many countries, by people of many roles and generations. To see that ELAI is just one of the many attempts to treat liberal arts education seriously on European scene is indeed heartwarming.

I am now entering the writing phase of my dissertation, and it is not yet clear what would this mean for my posts on this website. With ELAI in full swing, a thesis to write, and a connected (though still separate) project that has just begun, I will finally get really buys – a welcome change after the last few hectic months. This website has been mostly focused on information – I keep my records up to date and will continue to do so – but it remains to be seen if I would do good on testing ideas for my research on this forum. I hope I will, but there is only so much one can do in any day.


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