Getting started

After some time of friends telling me ‘you should start writing down all that you think about higher ed’, I’m actually starting my blog today.

Truth be told, I am not yet sure about the path that I will follow with this. You can expect a lot of changes during the initial weeks, to be sure. My big hope is that this site would serve as both a platform of publishing my thoughts on higher ed, and a stimulator to do it regularly.

I would like to run this website entirely in English. The big shift happening right now is going more international with all aspects of my life, my interests in higher ed being at the forefront of this change. I also kind of feel that there is a lot of things happening in Polish academia that may be interesting to know for people in other countries, and I would like to target them and deliver insights and comments from my home country. As I can only do that by writing in English, I hope that those of you who encouraged me to start a blog would not feel uneasy about the language thing.

Finally, I envision this as a personal website that would also work as my professional portfolio as well. For anybody interested in my activities of academic (and other) nature, I will provide an umbrella-like spot to get an easily accessible, updated info rather than ask them to make a google search and visit multiple profiles.

Hopefully, there are going ot be a few of you who may find it interesting and worth following (through RSS, tumblr or new options coming soon!). Running a blog is extremely popular today, but I decided to go for it with intention to delineate my academic and journalistic soul. Here’s where you can find the heartfelt stuff. If you look for more informed analyses, feel free to visit the publications section.


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