refugee paper published

The article on refugee support in higher education systems in Poland and Austria, that I coauthored with Madelaine Leitsberger, has been published (online first) in¬†European Educational Research Journal as “Hospitable universities and integration of refugees: First responses from Austria and Poland”,¬†DOI: 10.1177/1474904117719593. We discuss first responses (late 2015 and early 2016) in Poland and Austria, showing widespread support organised with little government support (or interruption), and we propose to view those through the lens of hospitality rather than human rights or economic advancement. What happened after May 2016 is, of course, a different story – especially with political U-turn in Poland. Still, as little has been said about our two countries, and immediacy and scale of those first were quite remarkable, there might be something to learn from their cases.

It can be accessed here.

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