Meanwhile in Poland

The beginning of this new year was quite productive. Couple of things have finally been published, mostly in Polish, and mostly on Poland.


The first two pieces are currently offline-only:

  • Altbach, P.G. & Kontowski, D., 2015. Pospolitość akademii. Z Philipem G. Altbachem rozmawia Daniel Kontowski. ResPublica Nowa, 4, pp.88–96.

This is the Polish version of the interview that has been published on Inside Higher Ed (see: publications). The interview has been conducted during my stay in Boston in June 2015. By the way, this is the first Altbach’s publication in Polish – I hope more will follow.


  • Bucholc, M. & Kontowski, D., 2016. Wyzwolić czy zliberalizować? Dylematy kształcenia inteligencji. Kultura Współczesna, 88(4), pp.37–50.

The article comparing the liberal education with (neo)liberalization of higher education, using Michael D. Kennedy’s concept of design intellectualism to discuss contemporary reforms in Polish universities. Written with brilliant (as always) Marta Bucholc, currently professor at the University of Bonn.


Smaller pieces can already be found online:

  • Kontowski, D., 2015. Tocqueville o roli literatury antycznej w demokracji. In K. Ratajczak (ed.), Dziedzictwo kulturowe. Edukacja. Historia. Dziedzictwo regionalne. Muzyka, literatura, sztuka i media. Poznań: Repozytorium Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza (AMUR), pp. 21–37.

Article based on my presentation at 2014 conference in Poznan, discussing Tocqueville stance on liberal education in a democratic society: why do we need it, and why we don’t need too much of it.


Opinion piece on improvements I consider much needed in the Diamond Grant program of funding research projects for Master level students in Poland, appeared alongside other reactionS.


My controversial response to suspending the “Studies for the excellent ones” program in Poland. I believe that suspension after potential candidates applied to top ARWU universities is scandalous, and at the same time giving voice to the academia was a brilliant move by an ambitious new minister, seeking broad support by taking down an easy target: internationalization initiative that was supposed to send 100 brightest Polish students abroad.


Two versions of my article describing the support declared in Autumn 2015 by the Polish universities towards the refugees from ongoing Syrian crisis. The first account of largely uncoordinated initiatives, discussing the reasons for support and the prospects for the future in changed political climate.

I am currently quite busy working on the report from my research grant, applying to some conferences and working on the database for my PhD project. I hope to get back here soon with some good news and finally some analyses and opinion pieces drawing from what I do these days.

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