Interviews with prof. Altbach

Last summer I was honoured to work in Boston College Center for International Higher Education. My concern about the condition of Polish higher education, and apparent lack of more global perspective in my home country, initiated a series of interesting discussions with many people there, but especially prof. Philip G. Altbach. He has agreed to talk with me on various aspects of the Polish situation, and he is certainly the right person to ask for international comparisons.

In the interviews, we are discussing the topics that may be interesting also for people without strong sense of urgency to catch up with the situation in Poland. Among them are: global rankings, mergers, attracting international students, faculty compensation, sending home students abroad. It may be especially useful for people interested in other peripherial countries that struggle to improve their situation.

Our interview, in four parts, is now published on Inside Higher Ed, and can be accessed via this links:

  1. Internationalization at the European Periphery
  2. Internationalization for Poland
  3. Hard times for the humanities
  4. Rankings, Mergers, Development

I would like to thank Philip G. Altbach for agreeing to the interviews, and Liz Reisberg for editing. Polish translation in coming soon.


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